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Full information about Establishment PBN Dorset at Studio 2, 15 Hurn Road, Christchurch, England BH23 2RJ. Find the address of the company, the phone for communication, opening hours, feedback from customers and employees, as well as other information.


Studio 2, 15 Hurn Road, Christchurch, England BH23 2RJ
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Phone number:
+44 1202 237200


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PBN Dorset

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  • Kevin Tsang
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My friend's had paid for these guys services for their wedding yesterday. DID NOT TURN UP. Possibly the worst thing a photo booth business can do on someone's wedding day.
  • Simon Dickinson
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    We hired Gigglebooth for our wedding in December in Winchester and unfortunately it wasn't at all a success. We have highlighted the following lack of service to Gigglebooth, and whilst they have refunded a token amount, even in following up our complaint we feel they have not delivered any customer service and consistently failed to contact us to follow up our complaint.

    We booked the service for our wedding from 1930-0000. All seemed ok when we started our wedding party but within an hour the booth had crashed and wasnt printing any pictures. After an hour or so following calls to an engineer it became apparent that it wouldnt be working for the rest of the evening, but people could still sit for pictures and they would be sent to us at a later date (although none of this was communicated to us by GB staff). The GB staff wrapped up the booth early about 11pm, an hour before the wedding party finished, again without communication (although following our complaint apparently the staff had kept us fully informed throughout the evening!).

    For the £400 we paid we ultimately received approx only 50 different prints after the event - mainly due to the printer not working (so people didnt want to use it). Instead of guest receiving prints on the night, we had to send them to guests after the event. Instead of us receiving a lovely guestbook full of comments and pics we received a book with a couple of pages of comments and some pritt sticks for us to make our book ourselves!!

    After compaining to GB originally they didnt really realise that anything was even wrong! They eventually refunded £100 of our money after but we still did not really see this as satisfactory given the lack of service. We are still waiting for them to contact us back again as promised to my wife, to discuss the complaint. All the while we are still receiving lots of aggressive marketing emails from their promotion team.

    Not a good experience at all, and unfortunately not at all recommended when there are so many other options out there.
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